TNEB ONLINE PAYMENT is very easy just 2 mins

know Your Service No and Pay Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Online

Note: This is private website will provide, giving information about then system and some information about TNEB.
Login method
At Very first time user as to register into website and provide the details
New User Registration. Service No and additional details.
SERVICE NO : EXAMPLE 02106516370
Follow the Screenshots below, if you click on ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL , you will get new screen.
STEP 2:-
Once Opened a Screen highlighted with yellow on Step2 , you can create a new user
STEP 3:-
You Need Select the Region Name, where your staying that location
For Example :- If you are staying Villupuram Town, That town you have to Select
TNEB ONLINE Payment will displays all region in the state
STEP 4:-
We Can SELECT With Out Region Name also giving Consumer Service No, as mentioned below
TNEB ONLINE Payment ,it checks the service number
STEP 5:-
Once you Selected Service No# , you will found with your name if your owner of the house. Suppose your staying as tenant, It will Display your House Owner’s name.
Below Step 5 Screenshot, you can found Username and address.Then Service Status whether it is live or not .
displaying the details of a custome in the TNEB ONLINE Payment system
STEP 6:-
Update your details like
  • Email
  • Username and password
  • male or female
  • married or single
  • occupation , residence address , pin code , state and country
Once you submitted, you will get a confirmation mail.
user information details in the TNEB ONLINE Payment system
STEP 7:-
Once Confirmed , then login with username and password.
TNEB ONLINE Payment login page

STEP 8:-
Right Side of the window , you can see Make Payment and add Service No#.
First Click Add Service No# and it Confirmed , with you name and details of you address.
Then Next , go with Click Make Payment Option.

TNEB image

STEP 9:-
You can find name,region,address and all you details.

user monthy details displayed in the TNEB ONLINE Payment application

STEP 9:- Once you clicked on MAKE PAYMENT Option , you will find all Bank details, which your have online banking facility that bank you select and pay the bills
In TNEB ONLINE PAYMENT we have both facility like Online Debit and Credit card accepted.
TNEB image1
Once done, you will get success alert or message, with in a moment your ebill will generated that you can save into your computer for future reference.


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